Social Media

Each Social Media Campaign 

designed with custom content, paid search management, and graphic design!

Expertise Includes:

• Helping define your market and goals

• Planning a strategic social media
approach to achieve long-term success

• Producing compelling content that
will position you as
a through-leader in your industry

• Creating and enhancing online
communities and conversations across
social media platforms about your brand

• Incorporating a lead generation
system in your social media campaign
that integrates our CRM system
and strategically designed call center

• Managing your social media
campaigns and brand reputation

• Monitoring your social media
platforms consistently to track
your campaign’s succesess


  • Secure custom URL
  • Custom cover photo
  • Promotional ideas to drive more traffic to your page
  • Original content development
  • Lead generation system
  • Cross-promote on partner sites
  • Daily content maintenance
  • Custom HTML extensions
  • Encourage testimonials and feedback


  • Custom profile design
  • Original content development
  • Original content publishing
  • Directory submission
  • Lead generation system

Facebook Paid Search

  • Custom design advertisements
  • Daily analysis of performance
  • Split A/B testing
  • Hyper-targeted search platform


  • Personal pages (Employees)
  • Build and develop online summary of employees’s professional expertise and accomplishments
  • Full optimization of features
  • Company Page
  • Optimize company page
  • Optimize product /services page(s)

Blogs (WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, etc.)

  • Original content development
  • Testing and delivery
  • Daily content maintenance


  • Original content development
  • Daily content maintenance
  • Lead generation system


  • Custom profile
  • Geo-targeted campaigns
  • Custom content for contest and promotions


  • Pin relevant images from client website to drive traffic to the main site
  • Custom content for contests and live events


  • Custom HTML extensions
  • Keyword implementation program