Sales Made Simple: Interactive Video “How To”

Sales Made Simple: Interactive Video “How To”

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With interactive video, simple sales are in the palm of your hand! By tagging your video with custom clickable icons, viewers will have the ability to click to shop now, send you an email, schedule a meeting, download materials, or even call you directly all from within the video. This proprietary technology is built with the salesperson and marketer in mind. After all, did you know that only 22% of companies consider their sales and marketing departments well aligned? We are here to increase that percentage… starting with your business!

Email Marketing Campaigns

All of our email marketing campaigns come equipped with a custom interactive video tailored to your client base. This includes all of the features discussed in the rest of this blog. Whether your goal is to welcome new subscribers, nurture existing subscribers, or re-engage subscribers, with an interactive video embedded in your email campaign, you will not only boost engagement but also increase open rates, all while spending less money. Sound too good to be true? It’s not! Keep reading to find out how we are able to do all of this and save you money!

Scheduling Appointments

Scheduling appointments over the phone is a time and resource-draining process that’s also inconvenient for clients, especially in our Web-connected society. With Interactive video, your clients can schedule an appointment without ever leaving the video. Our realtor and educator clients love these features for scheduling showings and conferences. Once a date and time are selected, the built-in CRM will automatically confirm the booking and instantly record it within the system, without any action needed by you.

Drive Traffic To Website

Driving traffic to your website is easier than ever with our clickable icons. Whether you want to make the whole screen clickable, a background object or a custom designed clickable icon,

more clicks = more conversions.

Avoid losing customers who have to go search for your website. With interactive video, if they are watching the video they are connected to you! At any moment they are one click away from visiting your website, filling out a contact form, or making a purchase! How is that for sales made simple?!

Phone Icon

The most unique feature that our clients are always eager to include… the phone icon! Finally, viewers have the option to give you a call directly from the video. The familiar face of the iPhone makes it simple for viewers to enter their phone number, then the interactive video interface automatically connects you and the caller.

Downloadable Materials

Another feature that our realtor and educator clients love, but can (and should) be used across a variety of industries. With interactive video, your clients are able to download materials straight from the video. Materials such as important documents, images, and features support a wide variety of formats. If you find yourself sending the same attachments to clients email after email, you will find this feature saves you time, hassle-free.


Interested in learning more? Or ready to get your own fully-custom interactive video? Reach out to us! With current clients in sales, education, non-profit, real estate, and health & wellness, we are confident we are equipped to handle your business’ needs! Let’s talk –

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