Interactive Video in Multi-Level Marketing

Interactive Video in Multi-Level Marketing

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Finally! You have access to the tool you need to grow your Multi-Level Marketing team! No more over-focusing on recruits and neglecting existing customers. With interactive video and the accompanied built-in CRM, your Multi-Level marketing business will be running seamlessly.


Drip Campaigns

In the world of Multi-Level marketing, recruits and existing customers are all on a different timeline. This can make it difficult to make sure everyone is getting the right information at the right time. If you are nodding your head in agreement, then you likely need to start incorporating drip campaigns! But not just any drip campaign, interactive drip campaigns! Drip campaigns automatically send out emails based on specific timelines or customers actions. Drip campaigns with interactive video give you all of the benefits of standard drip campaigns, namely never missing the short window of opportunity to begin or nurture the relationship with your customer, with the added benefits interactive video brings including custom clickable icons making it easier than ever for your customers to take action in the video. PLUS, the built-in CRM allows for you to track every action your customer is taking, giving you a complete look at each and every customer.

Whether you are looking to welcome new customers, re-engage quiet customers, or show your appreciation for VIP customers, interactive drip campaigns are the strategy you need to incorporate and we have just the tool to do it!

Social Media Campaigns

These days, you can hardly scroll through your social media timelines without seeing a friend or family member promoting their multi-level marketing business. Social media has given multi-level marketers a free platform to promote their business and with that, comes oversaturation. It is time to start thinking about how your business is going to stand out from the rest.

At Dr2 Marketing, we strive to have cutting edge technology available for our clients to help them stand out in their industry. Interactive video is just that! Not only will an interactive video peak interest with its unique look on social media timelines, but interactive video also gives users the ability to just that, interact! Paired with a well-planned social media campaign (psssst. we can do that for you too), interactive video will close the deal with all of the new recruits and customers your multi-level marketing business has attracted.

Interested in learning more about how you can use interactive video for your multi-level marketing business? Reach out to us! Whether you are looking for an entire campaign, video content, or just added interactivity to existing video content, we can help! Contact us today –

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