How To Use Interactive Video in YOUR Industry!

How To Use Interactive Video in YOUR Industry!

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Welcome to our first THEME WEEK! We love anything with a good theme, themed parties, an appealing Instagram theme, or in our case, an entire themed week! Throughout the week in our posts, videos, and this blog, we will be discussing how interactive video can be used in different industries. Your industry may be discussed here, but if it is not, do not fret! Follow us on social media and we will be discussing a different industry each day through interactive video! For now, let’s dive into the four industries we will be discussing:

  1. Travel and Hospitality
  2. Healthcare
  3. Law
  4. Social Media Influencer

Travel and Hospitality

We live in a time where we have more options than ever. That includes more hotels, restaurants, and travel experiences than ever! With still photos and written descriptions, it can be difficult for travelers to tell the difference between hotels or dining options. Video content bridges that gap by giving customers a more in-depth look of what hotels, restaurants, and travel experiences are really like. Interactive video content allows customers to book a trip, make reservations, or sign up for experiences all without leaving that video. With platforms like,, and, it is easy for customers to fall down a rabbit hole of endless options. There really is such a thing as too many options! With interactive video, you can show off everything that makes your business unique and closes the deal by making it easy for your customers to book online.


If you are in the travel and hospitality business, reach out to us today! We can make your existing video content interactive or create custom, high-quality interactive videos just for you! Let’s chat:




If you are in the healthcare industry, interactive video is going to be your new favorite liaison between you and your patients! Healthcare is already a complicated industry and healthcare providers everywhere are finding explainer videos to be an essential tool to aid patients in the decision-making process. Whether patients are deciding between health insurance or looking to learn more about prescriptions, procedures, or diagnosis, they want to learn from someone they trust. That’s YOU! The internet is now saturated with conflicting information about what it means to be “healthy” and often the small percentage of horror stories attract the most attention. Interactive video gives you, the healthcare professional, the power to remotely provide information, calm nerves, and empower patient understanding, using the way they prefer to receive information, in a video!


The best part? With interactive video, your patients can download documents, pictures, charts, and diagrams all straight from the video. If new patients find your interactive video, they can schedule a consultation or appointment directly from the video too! Our clients love the personableness interactive video has created for their business, and we can do it if you are in the healthcare industry too! Find out more information:


We typically are not searching for lawyers at the high points in our life. Divorce lawyers, personal injury lawyers, tax lawyer, or criminal lawyers are all an ongoing need and the internet has made getting in contact with these types of lawyers easier than ever. So, how do you stand out? Regardless of the case, lawyers are an investment and your clients need to know you are worth that investment. With interactive video, potential clients are not only able to see you and make that human connection, but clickable icons give clients the opportunity to contact you when that human connection is strongest… in the video! Clients can download important documents, schedule an appointment, or call you directly, all without leaving the video!


Social Media Influencer

Online shopping is a constantly growing industry and social media influencers and bloggers inspire some (or lots) of our purchases. If you are a blogger, social media influencer, or in the industry, interactive video is a must for you! Regardless of what product or service you are blogging (or vlogging) about, interactive video will let your followers purchase that product straight from the video with the click of a button. No third party software needed! We love interactive video for this industry because, chances are, you already have existing video content! So, why not make it interactive?! It’s as simple as sending us your video, we make it interactive and send it back! Not only will you be making it easy for your followers to buy your favorite must-have items, but we can direct them to any link (yes, that includes your promotional links). Plus, you will finally have access to your own personal built-in CRM so you know exactly how each video is performing! No more waiting on reports from brands to see how your work is performing.


Bummed that we didn’t talk about your industry? Stay tuned to our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn throughout the week! (@dr2marketing on all of them)! We will be discussing how five more industries can use interactive video in their practice. In the meantime, check out our latest interactive video and try it out for yourself!


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