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Roger Lee

Managing Partner

Tori Houston

Director of Projects

Rani Parkinson

Social Media & Charitable Organizations Manager

About Us

Based in Dallas/Fort Worth, dr2marketing is a full-service agency specializing in lead generation campaigns. From traditional media to social media and beyond; we brand your company through direct response strategies and provide customized solutions to bring you new business. At dr2marketing, we help lead clients through the changing landscape that is influenced by technology, culture and the economy.

ROI – Return on Your Investment

With more than 25 years of direct response experience, we’re the market leader in ROI. We combine our industry expertise and extensive relationships throughout the advertising and media community to generate leads that guarantee results.

Ideas and Innovation

We leverage emerging media for two fundamental purposes. The first is to move from interrupting consumers to providing content they actually seek out and talk about. The second is to harness the accountability that allows us to move in real-time to a better and more productive marketing solution.